Marley, in the city of Glen Burnie, Maryland, is a popular residential area. This is a coastal area, meaning it borders the water in some way. Marley has a higher median home price than 45 percent of Maryland communities and 60 percent of American areas, at $366,775.

Based on our most recent data, the average monthly rent in Marley is $2,975. This area has higher average rental prices than 83% of Maryland's neighborhoods.

Medium-sized to tiny single-family homes and apartment complexes/high-rise apartments make up the bulk of Marley real estate. The majority of the homes are rented rather than owned. Many of the homes in the Marley area date back to the 1940s and '60s and are well-established in the community. Between the years 2000 and now, a good number of homes were also constructed.

The residences and environment of a neighborhood are often the first things that people notice while visiting for the first time. Despite outward appearances, some communities have distinct identities due to the presence of a diverse range of professions and ethnicities.

Marley is a coastal community, therefore you may expect to find it beside the water. Amenities in these kinds of areas often draw both locals and tourists to the waterfront, where they may take part in various pastimes and admire the view. Some less affluent, heavily populated communities may have waterfronts that are more industrial and closed off to recreation. Marley is a nautical neighborhood in addition to being coastal because it is relatively historic, walkable, densely populated, and on the ocean. Some people may appreciate the neighborhood more because of the nautical, coastal, and shipping vibe it exudes.

Employees in sales and service, whether they're at a Fortune 500 company or a tiny fast food joint, are frequently the lifeblood of their communities. They are most noticeable in the Marley area. There are more people employed in sales and service here than in 95.4% of all American neighborhoods combined. Marley is a middle-class neighborhood in Glen Burnie since its residents are all in the middle class.

People in this area speak a wide variety of languages. Statistics show that these are the most common languages spoken at home among family members. Seventy-two percent of homes in the Marley area report speaking English as their primary language. Spanish and many African languages are also widely spoken. Check out Aquahart Manor.

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