Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

You may get all of your concerns regarding bankruptcy law, declaring bankruptcy in Glen Burnie, and potential alternatives from the knowledgeable and dependable Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer at Zide Law Group. We can assist you in looking into your debt relief alternatives if you are struggling with excessive debt or need to prevent the foreclosure of your house. We can collaborate with you to draft your repayment strategy and submit a Chapter 13 filing. Contact our office today for a FREE consultation!

Glen Burnie Chapter 13 bankruptcy Lawyer

For those with assets to preserve and a steady stream of income, Chapter 13 is a good option. Your income, debts, and assets can be examined by a Glen Burnie Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney to determine whether Chapter 13 can benefit you. Many persons who do not meet the requirements for Chapter 7 may file for Chapter 13. We assist clients at Zide Law Group in determining whether Chapter 13 is the best financial solution.

Maryland Bankruptcy Law

The same rules that apply to Chapter 7 bankruptcy apply to Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Maryland. In Chapter 13, however, you keep your assets and pay off your obligations on a monthly basis over a three- or five-year period rather than selling them. The monthly payment plan amounts rise with non-exempt assets. We can assist you in creating the payment schedule and determining which assets are not exempt.

There are no income limits on filing Chapter 13 the way there are with Chapter 7. However, there are debt limitations. But the limits are set so high that they do not affect most people. You cannot file Chapter 13 if your debts are the same or higher than:

  • $360,475 in unsecured debts
  • $1,081,400 in secured debts

Debts That Get Paid

Priority debts must be paid in full according to the Chapter 13 plan. These include current tax debts, restitution, alimony, child support, and some other debts. Therefore, I start by including these debts in your payback strategy.

Secured debts are the next tier of obligations to be paid. The Chapter 13 payment plan gives these payments precedence over unsecured debts. This consists of past due automobile and mortgage payments for the majority of persons declaring Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The remaining money is used to settle unsecured debts. Payments for unsecured debts are frequently decreased or eliminated in Chapter 13 repayment programs.

By working with Maryland Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers, you can arrive at a realistic plan so you are able to make all your monthly payments. Your payment plan must also include paying off any missed payments for your home, car or other assets you want to keep.

If for any reason you have problems making monthly payments, let me know right away. Job loss, sudden illness or divorce may affect your ability to pay. I figure out a modified plan and work to get it approved.


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