Glen Burnie Homicide Attorney

A person accused of homicide risks spending a long time in jail, and in the case of murder, there's even a chance they'll never be let out. They risk receiving a death sentence in the most severe scenario of capital murder. Homicides come in a variety of forms, from manslaughter to capital murder. In rare instances, a murder case could be reduced to manslaughter or even dismissed due to legal defenses with the help of a highly competent homicide attorney with sufficient resources.

Glen Burnie Homicide Attorney

Aggressively fighting homicide charges

A person accused of homicide could spend the rest of their lives in prison or, in extreme situations, die. You need a Maryland homicide attorney who is prepared to fight for you, is committed to doing so, and has the relevant expertise. The criminal defense attorney's, at Zide Law Group, represents clients in the criminal justice system. Our lawyers are zealous defenders of the rights of people accused of homicide.

Forensic Evidence

Forensic evidence is frequently gathered and analyzed during homicide investigations. Considering that juries frequently place a high degree of trust in the accuracy and veracity of science, forensic evidence is one of the most effective strategies used in the courtroom. We can frequently convert the prosecution's evidence into a convincing defense strategy through our rigorous analysis of autopsy records, blood splatter and gun powder analyses, firearm testing, DNA reports, and other hard scientific papers. When the prosecution's medical examiners, firearms experts, DNA specialists, and fingerprint examiners testify, we are adept at spotting errors, contradictions, and holes in their testimony. We pair the state's specialists with highly qualified forensic scientists who disprove the claims.

Capital Murder

As skilled homicide attorneys, we vigorously challenge the alleged special circumstances prior to trial to block the state's pursuit of the death sentence. When the state seeks the death penalty, we organize our defense to demonstrate our client's innocence while putting together mitigating circumstances to spare our client's life. At every step of the legal process, we fight for justice in instances involving the death penalty.

Reducing A Murder Charge

The prosecution must show the element of intent for a first-degree murder conviction. Disproving intent can lower the degree of the charge and minimize the sentence imposed. We strategize whether it is in our client’s best interest to request a lesser-included, lower degree homicide charge as an option for the jury.


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