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Maryland criminal court judges have the authority to impose a probationary period as an alternative to a prison term when a defendant is being punished for a misdemeanor or felony crime. An individual who is given probation may be required to complete a long list of challenging requirements. Sadly, sometimes these directives lead to that person being charged with violating their probation. If this is your situation, it's critical for you to contact a skilled Glen Burnie probation violation lawyer. Contact our office today!

Glen Burnie Probation Violation Lawyers


It could seem like a minor infraction if you violate your probation. Many falsely believe that providing their side of the story will be sufficient to avoid further punishment. Because they are in a violation of a court order, judges consider probation infractions very seriously. Understanding the gravity of the alleged infringement as well as what constitutes and does not constitute a valid legal defense is crucial.

Maryland courts treat probation violations very seriously. Our criminal defense attorneys at Zide Siegel Tabor & Spigel, defend the rights of those who broke the terms of their probation. We are aware that judges take these matters very seriously and that harsh penalties may be imposed. Throughout the process, we will speak out for you, lay out your options, and defend your rights.

Many Underestimate The Significance Of Probation Violations

Many ignore the significance of violating probation. Examples of probation violations include:

  • Being arrested or charged with the same or different crime
  • Testing positive for drugs or alcohol
  • Failing to check in with your probation officer
  • Failing to pay restitution
  • Failing to attend and complete court-ordered programs (such as drug or alcohol treatment programs)
  • Forgetting or failing to report a change of address or employment
  • Traveling without the permission of your probation officer
  • Failing to pay fines or appear in court when scheduled

We understand that breaking the terms of your probation may not always be deliberate and that you may have to deal with serious repercussions as a result. No matter the type of violation or the circumstances surrounding it, our criminal defense attorneys, Robert Siegel will fight for the best result while defending your rights.

The Heightened Consequences Of Violating A Probationary Order

A probation violation carries a lower threshold of proof than a criminal prosecution. Beyond a reasonable doubt is the required level of proof in criminal cases. The state merely needs to demonstrate by a majority of the evidence that the probation violation occurred. As a result, the state merely needs to demonstrate that the infringement happened more likely than not. As a result, penalties can be severe.

Many believe that a probation violation does not need hiring legal counsel. However, a skilled probation violation attorney is essential to advocate your rights and defend your activities because of the increased repercussions and lower standard to find you in violation.

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