Glen Burnie Theft Crimes Lawyer

It is in your best interests to obtain advice from a qualified criminal defense attorney you can rely on if you have been accused of a theft crime or a property crime. Our theft crimes lawyers extensive criminal trial experience in Maryland, over the course of more than 20 years has given our criminal defense attorneys unrivaled legal insight into prosecutors' and law enforcement investigatory tactics. Without any pressure to hire us, we give free, no-obligation consultations to go over every aspect of your case. Call us today!

Glen Burnie Theft Crimes Lawyer

Almost all offenses involving stealing someone else's property without the owner's consent are considered theft crimes in Maryland. Conviction carries a maximum sentence of three months in jail, even in situations involving goods worth less than $100. In fact, convictions of persons who just so happen to receive stolen property may lead to the same harsh punishments as those given out to the thieves. The complexity of state theft laws need the assistance of an accomplished criminal defense attorney for anyone accused of stealing. In Glen Burnie, Robert A. Siegel, offers the professional assistance you want to get the best outcomes in your criminal case.

Understanding The Types Of Maryland Theft Offenses

No theft crime charges under Maryland law are trivial. In fact, even if you unknowingly receive stolen goods, you should retain an experienced criminal defense attorney before talking with the police. I advocate on behalf of individuals charged with a full array of theft crimes, including the following:

  • Petty theft. The law defines the theft of property valued at less than $100 as petty theft, a misdemeanor crime subject to penalties that can include up to $500 in fines and up to 90 days in prison. Maryland also charges the theft of property valued at up to $1,000 as a misdemeanor crime, but the prison sentence can extend to up to 18 months. Individuals who are convicted must also return the property or pay the cash value to the owner.
  • Shoplifting. People convicted of shoplifting also face criminal penalties in accordance with the value of the property, but they can also be subject to civil penalties amounting to twice the sales price of the stolen goods.
  • Robbery. Robbery is a serious felony, defined by Title 3 of the Maryland Code as taking property or services by force or threat of force. Depending on the value of the property, convicted robbers can be sentenced to up to 15 years in prison. Add up an additional five years when weapons are used in the crime.

Dedicated Advocate For Individuals Charged With Theft Crimes In Maryland

When individuals commit petty theft offences without criminal intent, law-abiding citizens frequently make the error of trying to justify their mistakes to authorities. Unfortunately, police use people's statements against them in court and do not make arrests of those they deem to be innocent. Before you respond to any questions, you need an experienced criminal defense to help support the likelihood of charges being dropped, being cleared, or receiving a less sentence.

Even if police tell you that your best chances for release come through cooperation, you need to take advantage of your Miranda rights to remain silent and to call an attorney. As experienced criminal defense lawyers, we have the legal knowledge to fully assess the severity of your charges and the dedication to protect your rights through every step of the legal process.


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