Glen Burnie Violent Crimes Defense Lawyer

One of the most serious charges a person can be charged with in Maryland is a violent crime. Police usually conduct thorough investigations into these kinds of crimes and frequently have specialized units within their divisions that are entirely responsible for looking into the matter and making arrests. Therefore, you should get in touch with an accomplished Glen Burnie violent crime defense lawyer if you are the subject of a criminal investigation for any kind of violent conduct.

Glen Burnie Violent Crimes Defense Lawyer

Criminal Defense Attorneys Defending Individuals Accused Of Any Type Of Violent Crime Case

In Maryland, violent offenses are those that carry the harshest penalties. Those accused of violent crimes frequently face harsh sentences under state law, and prosecutors are more likely to ask for the maximum punishment in cases involving such accusations.

If you are found guilty of the violent crimes in Maryland, the repercussions will probably follow you for the rest of your life. Being convicted can have an impact on your freedom, family, work prospects, and future employment. An experienced criminal defense lawyer is necessary for defense because violent offenses carry severe and quick penalties.

It is crucial to seek the best legal assistance available if you or a loved one has been charged with a serious crime. You will receive a committed, clever, and strong defense with Zide Law Group. We will work side by side with you to produce the best possible outcome on your behalf.

Was there a rush to judgment in the police investigation?

Unfortunately, overworked Maryland police detectives rush to solve the alleged crime in many violent crime cases and fail to perform a complete investigation. A police detective wants to wrap up their investigation as quickly as possible so that they can begin the next one.

As a result, the prosecution may overcharge the case, which could result in an innocent person being found guilty of a violent crime. In addition, when one is charged with a violent crime, it may be the result of a false witness, faked evidence, or any other number of circumstances that could negatively impact one's case.

Therefore, if you are under criminal investigation for any type of violent offense, you should contact an experienced Glen Burnie violent crime defense attorney at our law firm immediately. Give our criminal defense attorneys, Robert Siegel and Joshua Tabor a call or complete the form below.