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How Do I file For Divorce in Maryland?

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Maryland Divorce Overview

Under Maryland law, the definition of marriage is a civil contract between two people. A divorce is a legal ending of a marriage ordered by a court.

In Maryland, there are two types of divorce: absolute divorce and limited divorce. 

  • An absolute divorce is a permanent end of the marriage. If a court grants an absolute divorce, the final order of the divorce is set for a “divorce decree.”
  • A limited divorce is a legal separation and does not end the marriage.

Maryland Family Law Code § 7-103 defines the statutory requirements a married couple must meet to obtain an absolute divorce or limited divorce.

What Are The Grounds For Divorce in Maryland?

To obtain an absolute divorce, you must first show that there are grounds for divorce. Grounds for divorce are legally acceptable reasons to end the marriage. In the state of Maryland, you cannot just point out irreconcilable differences and hope to end a marriage. There are seven different grounds for divorce and it doesn't matter which one is used when it comes to ending a marriage. For that purpose, one ground is as good as any other. They include:

  • Twelve Month Separation

  • Mutual Consent

  • Adultery

  • Cruelty of Treatment

  • Desertion

  • Insanity

  • Incarceration

Once a decree of absolute divorce is entered, either party may remarry. As with most divorce cases, property rights are a main issue. The effect of divorce on property rights has an impact on the entire family. As such, divorce has earned the reputation of being a traumatizing family law experience, leading to bitter custody battles.

What is a limited divorce in Maryland?

A limited divorce, or otherwise known as a legal separation, is a legal action where a married couple is separated. During this time, the couple remains legally married while living separate and apart from one another. During this time, neither spouse can have sexual relations with another person. If a spouse does have sexual relations with another person, the court defines this action as adultery.

What are the grounds for limited divorce in Maryland?

While a limited divorce is not required in Maryland, here are a few circumstances where your Maryland Divorce attorney will recommend this route: The grounds for absolute divorce have not been met, you are in need of financial relief, or you are unable to settle your difference privately.

The grounds for limited divorce include:

  • Separation

  • Desertion

  • Cruel Treatment and Excessively Vicious Conduct

What Are The Residency Requirements for Divorce in Maryland?

Under Maryland Family Law Code § 7-101, for a judge to grant a Maryland divorce, one of the spouses must have been a resident of the state for six months.

Speak with Cambridge family law attorneys at Zide Law Group if you have questions regarding Maryland’s residency requirement.

What Is The Divorce Waiting Period In Maryland?

As of 2018, the Maryland mutual consent divorce law eliminates the 12-month waiting period. Essentially, it allows couples to get a divorce without having to wait. (Maryland Family Law Code § 7-103).

Maryland No-Fault Divorce

Maryland is a no-fault divorce state. “No-fault” simply means the court will not assign blame for the disintegration of the marriage. In other words, infidelity or other misconduct, has no bearing on the judge’s decision to grant the divorce. However, such proof may be relevant to other family law decisions such as the calculation of spousal support.

How to choose your Maryland divorce lawyer?

Divorce is a difficult, stressful situation. You most likely did not make this choice lightly. Divorce will have an effect on practically every element of your life and need difficult choices regarding your children, property, and other matters.

An attorney can offer counsel to assist you in making wise, well-informed decisions during this difficult time. It might be difficult to fully evaluate the impact that such important decisions can have on your life during such a stressful moment. Our divorce lawyers at Zide Law Group help our divorce clients come up with practical, considerate alternatives.

Divorce is a difficult enough decision to make. The numerous factors involved in ending your marriage can make the process more difficult overall. We can help with a variety of divorce-related issues, such as:

  • Decisions and considerations concerning your children, including child custody issues and child support payments
  • Alimony, for both potential payers and receivers
  • Complicated decisions involving property and asset division
  • Alternatives to how you get divorced, including a collaborative divorce
  • Complex divorce cases, involving military or high-income marriages
  • Divorce for same-sex couples
  • Financial considerations during and after divorce
  • Post-divorce issues, including modifications and enforcements

We can also assist with considerations unique to Maryland law, including recent changes to the law involving obtaining a divorce without having to be separated for one year. Whatever issues you may face, we will help you understand your choices and make informed decisions.

Nobody plans to get divorced. We will work with you to get you through this process because we are aware of the emotions that come with divorce. Even if it may seem impossible to come out of the divorce case financially secure and content, we will use our extensive knowledge and experience to argue for you and represent your interests. We want to give you the tools you need to successfully advance in life.

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