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Our Child Custody Attorneys Protect Your Relationship with your child

Child custody matters can quickly become contentious. Every parent wishes for what is best for their child. However, tempers can boil and arguments can start when a parent's time with their child is threatened.

The Glen Burnie child custody attorneys at Zide Law Group, are aware of how important issues involving child custody and visitation are. With our total experience approaching five decades, we will collaborate with you to safeguard the interests of both you and your child.

Two Distinct Parts of Child Custody

There are two distinct parts to child custody: physical and legal.  Where the child lives and spends time is referred to as physical custody. Legal custody denotes the authority to make significant decisions regarding the child's upbringing, such as those involving religion, education, and other issues.

In custody and visitation disputes, Maryland courts give the child's best interests top priority. Courts will take action where it is feasible for the child to keep up good relations with both parents. We will fight for your parental rights and a fair outcome throughout the conflict.

Whether your dispute is related to a divorce or separation, our child custody attorneys provide guidance on a wide array of complex legal issues concerning your children, including:

  • Establishing a parenting time schedule. This can include everything from weekday schedules to holiday plans to how transfers of your child will occur.
  • Determining child support. Child support provides ongoing financial support for the needs of your child, with payment amounts calculated by the state.
  • Petitioning for or fighting a modification or enforcement. Agreements may need to be modified in situations such as if a relocation is requested or enforced, or when one party is not complying with parental arrangements.
  • Advocating for the rights of all parents. We represent the rights of all parents, including advocating for the parental rights of fathers.

We have skilled litigators and negotiators on our team. An out-of-court settlement is advantageous in many custody cases. However, it is occasionally essential to appear in court. We will advocate for your rights throughout the conflict so that you may make wise choices and, if at all feasible, reach a compromise.

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