Modification of Custody and Support

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Modifications of custody and support in Maryland

Do you want the court's orders in your family law matter to be changed because you disagree with them? You might be able to alter or change a judge's order for child custody, visitation, child support, or spousal support in your case.

Divorced couples already understand some of the drastic changes life can dish out. However, even after the divorce has been finalized, modifications to agreements may need to be made. With assistance from a skilled modification of custody and support lawyer, these modifications can be wrapped up quickly and efficiently.

Some common factors that necessitate a support or custody modification include:

  • A job change has altered the amount of support a former spouse can provide
  • A former spouse moves to a distant location, perhaps taking the children
  • A former spouse has remarried
  • Children have reached an age where they are no longer dependent on financial support
  • A child requires additional support for health reasons

While any number of factors may play into a support modification, it is important to consult a family law attorney to help you protect your financial well-being before jumping into a new agreement.

To secure the best outcome in your post-judgment modification custody and support case, it is crucial that you consult with one of the skilled Glen Burnie family law attorneys at Zide Law Group if you think any of the aforementioned situations apply to your situation.

Let Our Modification of Custody and Support Attorneys Help you!

Your divorce's outlined arrangements must adapt as your children grow up, your work changes, and your way of life alter. In the years following a divorce, our attorneys helps families in Glen Burnie and Anne Arundel County with their adjustments of child custody and support agreements. The attorneys at Zide Law Group are able to design modifications that suit the needs of the modern family that consider the short- and long-term needs of everyone concerned.

A spouse could occasionally try to conceal or withhold recently obtained assets that might change a child or spousal support agreement. In Maryland, failing to disclose assets or keeping them secret is a serious crime. Our seasoned attorney will meticulously conduct an investigation on your behalf and assist you in pursuing the support you and your children are entitled to if you believe your ex-spouse is trying to hide assets in order to avoid paying support.

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